Skinnysoxx/Winter socks

SkinnySoxx™ was created for women of this century.

Faced with the on-going issue of what to wear with her skinny pants, skinny jeans, ankle pants and ankle boots, Stephanie finally decided to create a solution. 
She came up with the idea to pair an ankle sock with a nude nylon to create the illusion effect.  Finally on the cold November day in 2018, her ankle was covered, warm and she kept the “ankle look”.

After multiple prototypes, trial and error, Skinnysoxx was born!

Comfort and Quality

Designed with comfort in mind, the cotton blend sock portion is paired seamlessly with a delicate high quality nude nylon to blend with each skin tone. The extra terry sole and silicone heel insert creates a comfortable, warm sock that stays in place and looks flawless.

Finally an option to cover your ankle, keep it warm, stay comfortable and keep the look. Creating a comfortable ankle sock seamlessly attached to a skin tone nylon. 

Comfort and Quality meet to form the perfect women’s sock!